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Frequently asked questions
1. What is BRI Company and when BRI online platform was launched?

BRI Company was incorporated as BRI in early 2000 by private investors as business initiative for establishing a network of short-term high-interest loans companies around the world.

BRI online platform is an online investment platform of the BRI international company launched online in January 2019.

2. Why should I join BRI online platform?

As of 2021 BRI provides technical management and performance monitoring of about a $30 billion investment portfolio of projects.

Based on BRI team expertise BRI online platform proposes to diversify the income of its clients based on the following investment directions: online trading operations; development and advertisement of mobile and web applications, and offline short-term high-interest loans.

3. How can I earn with BRI online platform?

BRI online platform is currently proposing for its clients four unique standard financial programs with daily and hourly investment income and two special elite programs.

To become BRI client you should follow three steps:

  • Sign up to BRI platform by registering at BRI online platform.
  • Choose financial program and purchase it.
  • Get success at the end of the term.
4. How to invest and withdraw the earnings with BRI online platform?

After registration you will be able to sign in into your BRI electronic cabinet where you will have to follow payment instructions to set up your wallets and make your investments in Bitcoin and Perfectmoney. Once the investment is made you can select and purchase your financial program.

Depending on your program you will have daily or hourly earnings within the period of 1, 25, 30 or 60 days. Please, note, that the invested amount is returned at the end of the term in all BRI standard financial programs.

5. What is the BRI 6-digit security code and where to find it?

Security code is provided to every client during registration at BRI online platform. Its needed every time you want to make a withdrawal. Please, take a screenshot or write it down and keep in a safe place. In case you lost or forget your code, please, write to BRI support team and inform your email, login, time and date of registration. This information will be checked and your BRI security code will be reset and provided.

6. What are the BRI minimum deposit amounts?

Minimum deposit at BRI online platform is 25 USD for USDT , LTC , BCH , DOGE and TRON and 50 USD for BTC and ETH.

7. What are the BRI minimum withdraw earning amounts?

Minimum withdraw at BRI online platform is 10 USD for USDT , LTC , BCH , DOGE and TRON and 50 USD for BTC and ETH.

8. What is BRI Security Center and how it works?

For BRI clients safety special Security Center is available in BRI electronic cabinet. You may choose several security options here, incl. Detection of IP Address Change Sensitivity, Detection of Browser Change, and activate Google Two Factor Authentication option by installing Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

9. What are the BRI partnership and representative referral programs conditions?

BRI referral programs are available for all BRI investors only:

  • Standard partnership referral program has 7%-2%-1% gradation;

Also, there are partnership conditions apply to investors who underwrite USD 100k and more and they are subject to the personal financial advisors and other special services.

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