BRI core version: 3.02.001
Last update: 28-SEP-2021
Partnership @ BRI platform

BRI is open for both investors and partners.

Thanks to a well-built strategy, BRI team offers almost the best conditions in the online investment market, while ensuring the safety of investors' investments.

BRI partners could benefit from special conditions under BRI Partnership financial programs:

BRI investors reward
Standard partnership referral program of 7%-2%-1% gradation.
BRI representatives reward
Global B2B cooperation

To truly connect with key decision-makers, BRI (UA) LTD as a global B2B brand, is highly motivated to interact with B2B investors because in the "business of business" relations, connections drive diversifications.

BRI corporate founders and BRI team pay special attention to the asset of B2B contacts:

  • BRI (UA) LTD provides not only unique online platform but is open for business promotion and marketing B2B offers from global players.
  • With over 1000 B2B marketing experts in more than 36 countries, BRI (UA) LTD is intended to further develop its global brand strategies to increase the volume of qualified partners and optimize sales conversions.
  • BRI Global B2B Partnership delivers excellent value for your business development dollar.

BRI team believes that facilitation of new trade contacts will diversify the sources of income for BRI clients all-over-the-world.

We are open for the meetings and fruitful negotiations with our potential clients, investors, project partners, traders, analysts, financial experts, developers and advertisement agencies and platforms from other sectors and even competitors.