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Last update: 16-SEP-2021

Latest BRI press-releases

Development and updates
Dear member of the BRI online platform!
Our team is working hard day after day to improve our platform and today we want to share with you our latest news.

At this stage, we can proudly report on the fundamental, sometimes completely invisible work in this direction, which may indicate the upcoming appearance of the BRI online platform from the open beta testing stage to a full online release and the opportunity for everyone to take a full-fledged investment participation.

By the efforts of the BRI financial team, the investment part of the platform has been optimized and updated. Many attentive participants have already noticed some changes in financial programs and the introduction of new payment systems. Taking into account the fairly rapid changes in the financial sectors of interest of the BRI platform, as well as flexible market changes in the currency and cryptocurrency markets involved by the BRI system, we have prepared a new packages with additional financial programs for the final release.
We are also gradually expanding the number of payment systems available to participants. Stay tuned for updates in order not to miss the fun!

The BRI support team also provided two new communication and support tools for our members: [Official Telegram Channel] and [Online Ticket System].
Join the official telegram channel now to get live updates, news and help from the BRI online platform.


Despite all the professionalism, creativity and extreme desire of our team to develop and improve the BRI online platform every day, it would be completely impossible without your participation.
We are very glad and grateful to all of you for your feedback, wishes for improving the functionality and capabilities of the platform, as well as for the attentive and accurate reports on our errors and shortcomings. Thanks to you all, the platform is getting better every day.

20th Working Anniversary of BRI Company Director
On this day 20 years ago Mr. John WARBURTON was appointed as BRI Company Director. BRI team is congratulating dear Mr. Warburton and his family with such a great date! Together we made it!
To remind briefly: BRI online platform was established by the BRI Company in early 2000 by private investors as business initiative for establishing a network of short-term high-interest loans companies around the world. Mr. Warburton was assigned to perform and develop a sector of loans companies and since 2000 he succeeded to establish a network of successful loan companies in 72 countries so far.
Greetings to you, dear John!
New BRI Financial Programs introduced
We are happy to announce that for its clients BRI online platform is proposing four unique financial programs with daily and hourly investment income.

As usual BRI team continues to offer its specially-tailored and verified solutions in the online investment market, aimed to ensure the safety of investors' investments.

So, since 2021 BRI online platform is working with four financial programs.

Depending on your program you will have daily or hourly earnings within the period of 1, 25, 30 or 60 days.

We are glad to inform, that the invested amount is returned at the end of the term in all BRI standard financial programs!
BRI roadmap presented!
You know that the main IDEA of the BRI online platform is - Diversify It! So you are welcome to read our updated BRI ROADMAP!
We are investing and developing our business in three different fast-growing areas. BRI online platform is one of the sectors of BRI Company established to ensure the safety of investments of BRI partners.

Have acquainted with BRI roadmap on our website and in case you have something to offer – feel free to contact us and email your ideas to us.
Over 500 days online!
We are glad that we can celebrate over 500 days online. To be exactly since our start on Jan 31, 2019 we are online 1 year, 4 months and 13 days!
It was an amazing time with you and we are excited for the future developments ahead.
We cannot wait to celebrate 1000 days together.
Don’t wait, achieve your 180% profit with BRI!
BRI platform reaches 100,000 private investors limit!
Since our start in 2019, as on April 01 there are more than 100,000 private investors which have successfully invested their shares in the platform and started to earn revenues.
Full ahead and thank you for your support and trust!
Your BRI team.
Meet the BRI team and management!
Dear BRI clients!
We are glad to present you the BRI team & management!
These people are the proud of BRI:
Mr. Lorn Linden joined BRI Company in 2008 and is actively developing the online trading sector for stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.
Mr. Chien Zhang became a part of BRI Company in late 2010 and is actively developing the mobile advertising and app development sector.

Some BRI history: In 2013, BRI Company hired a development team to automate processes between the three areas and create a unified online investment management platform. After two years of testing, in 2016, it was decided to establish an open online investment platform to increase the profit at the expense of private investors donations.
Calculate your income with BRI financial calculator online!
Dear BRI clients! Calculate your income online and invest in BRI!
From now on you may use our online BRI financial calculator and decide which financial program to buy.
Calculate your financial result at the end of program term and start investing to BRI platform!
Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!
Dear BRI family! BRI team wishes you Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year! Nowadays BRI team is big international family managed by the three CEOs and consisted of more than 220 employees working in the Headquarters Offices located in three different cities around the world. So BRI offices in New York (USA), Hangzhou (China) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) are continuing to make your life easier and happier in New 2020 Year!
First 100 days online!
We are glad to share with you our first small anniversary of being A HUNDRED DAYS ONLINE!
On the vent of our 100 days online we are glad to propose to you our BRI philosophy!
Read about Idea and Mission on our website and remember that BRI platform also acts as a large private investor for a number of projects.

Have something to offer contact us immediately!
BRI first day online!
Dear Investors, welcome to the BRI online platform!
Bright Right Investments (BRI) is an online investment platform of BRI Company.
Our BRI online platform positions itself as a strong solid player with a verified market strategy. Our reputation is our most value! Our motto - Use proved and adaptive diversification in financial policies based on long-term and reliable investment strategies. Yours BRI team.